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Arrangements for Hajj pilgrimage

Tamil Nadu State Haj Committee Introduction

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Arrangements for Hajj pilgrimage

The Government of India distributes quota allotted for the country among various States based on Muslim population as per the census of 2011 and the State Hajj Committee calls for applications from the intending pilgrims.Every year, the Committee receives more applications than the quota allotted and the pilgrims are selected by holding district wise Qurrah (draw of lots) as per the quota allotted for Tamil Nadu.

Due to Covid pandemic, Government of India designated Cochin as embarkation point instead of Chennai.

The State Hajj Committee carries out its functions as per the guidelines of the Haj Committee of India and it has no role in the finalisation of flight schedule, allotment of accommodation etc., which are being done by Haj Committee of India/Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India.