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Grants/assistance from State Government

Tamil Nadu State Haj Committee Introduction

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Grants/assistance from State Government:

a) Administrative Grant.

           Every year, the State Government sanctions annual administrative grant to the Committee.  Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee meets the administrative expenses like payment of salaries to staff, settlement of charges like property tax, electricity charges, metro water and sewerage charges, etc., from out of the annual grant sanctioned by the Government of Tamil Nadu of Rs 50 lakhs.

(b) State Government Haj Subsidy.

During the year Hajj 2018, the Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced  a new scheme in which Haj Subsidy of Rs.6 crore was sanctioned for disbursement among  the Haj pilgrims proceeding for pilgrimage through Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee.  For the year 2019, the Government sanctioned a sum of Rs.6 crore as Haj Subsidy to the Tamil Nadu State Haj pilgrims and the Committee disbursed the amount to 4397 Haj pilgrims through their bank account. Due to Global outbreak of Covid 19, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has cancelled Haj pilgrimage for Haj 2020. 

c) Sanction of grant for deputation of Hajj volunteers and member in Building Selection Team.

           The Government also sanctions grants to the Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee to meet expenses on deputation of Hajj volunteers to Saudi Arabia to assist the pilgrims and also for deputation of member in Building Selection Team to Saudi Arabia for selection of buildings.  During the year 2020-2021, the Government  sanctioned a sum of Rs.28,70,000/- to  Tamil Nadu State Hajj  Committee as grant for the schemes.

d) Other grants.

           The Government reimburses expenditure towards T.A./D.A. bills of members of Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee in respect of their visits to attend the meetings of the Committee.  The Government also reimburses expenditure towards T.A./D.A. bills of Hajj Committee officials for participation in All India Haj Conference and Hajj related meetings held by Haj Committee of India, Ministry of Minority Affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation. Further, the Government sanctions grants every year as non-recurring expenditure towards purchase of machinery and equipments for the smooth functioning of the Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee.